Frequently Asked Questions

I didn’t get an email with my login details. How can I get my login?

For every single purchase from us, you should have received an email from us with your login details. If you haven’t, please check your spam folder – sometimes they end up there.

If you’ve used PayPal during the checkout, then the login details were sent to your PayPal email address.

If you still can’t find your login details, please email us at [email protected] and we will take care of it right away.

How can I retrieve my password?
  1. Go to where you will be asked to login.
  2. Right below the login field, you can click on a link to recover your username and password. Click on that link. lost_password
  3. A popup will appear. Fill in your email address and you will receive an email with your login details. That’s it!

I bought OmniFocus Premium Posts. If there are any updates, will I get them for free?

Any future updates of the OmniFocus Premium Posts will be free of charge. You will get an email notification from us whenever there is an update.

I bought your Premium Newsletters – where do I get my future newsletters?

Future newsletters will be sent via email to you in HTML format.

How do I read a PDF on an iPad?

For those using iTunes 11 and above:

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Connect your iOS device to the USB port on your computer.
  3. On the top right corner, click on the device button (iPad in this example).
  4. Make sure that the option “Manually manage music and video” is checked.
  5. On the top right corner, click “On this iPad”.
  6. You will see the contents of your iPad.
  7. Click on the “Books” tab. books
  8. Drag and drop the file(s) manually into the iPad content window.
  9. Sync your device.
  10. Your PDFs/books will appear in the iBooks application on your device.

For those using previous versions of iTunes:

  1. First up — we’re going to make the assumption that you have iBooks installed on your iPad. If you haven’t, click here to install it.
  2. Connect the large end of your iPad USB cable to the port on the bottom of your iPad.
  3. Connect the other end of the cable to a USB port on your computer. Wait until your computer recognizes your iPad, which will prompt iTunes to open.
  4. Click “File” at the top of the window, and then click “Add file to library.”
  5. Navigate to the PDF file(s) you want to add to iBooks. You can select more than one file, or select an entire folder. Once you’ve made your selection, click Choose.
  6. Now select Books from your iTunes Library. You should see the PDF file(s) that you just added, now listed.
  7. Click your iPad under the “Devices” column at the left side of the window in iTunes. This will change the contents of the center pane to your iPad settings menu.
  8. Click the “Books” tab at the top of the iPad settings pane.
  9. Check the box to the left of “Sync Books.” If you want to sync all of the books you’ve added to iTunes, select All Books and then click the Sync button. If you want to only sync specific books, choose Selected Books and then place a check next to each of the books you want to sync.
  10. Click “Sync” at the bottom of the window.
  11. Wait for iTunes to display the “OK to disconnect” message at the top of the window.
  12. Disconnect your iPad.
  13. Now open iBooks on your iPad. You’ll see a PDF button at the top. Tap it.
  14. You’ll be presented with a list of all the PDFs you added via iTunes. Tap one of them and it will open in iBooks. At any point in time you can tap the screen and a menu will appear at the top. From here you can change the display’s brightness, search the PDF, bookmark a page etc.

How do I open zip files on the iPad/iPhone?

We recommend that you extract the zip files on your computer and then transfer files over to your iPad. However, if you downloaded the zip file on your iPad there are a couple solutions.

The iPad doesn’t have a default program for extracting zip files. You could install a paid or free app. We recommend iZip (free) or GoodReader (paid).

Here are specific instructions to extract a zip file on the iPad using GoodReader:

  1. Open the downloaded file.
  2. Tap Open in whichever app you installed. In this example it is GoodReader. step2
  3. Tap to open the Zip file in the My Documents pane. newstep3
  4. Tap Unzip when prompted. newstep4
  5. Tap to open the folder containing the archived files. step5

The extracted files will be listed on the Archive pane so that you can access them. But we really recommend that you download on the desktop first and transfer it to your iPad.

How do I cancel my Dojo membership?

We hate to see you go, but we understand. Click here to contact our friendly Support team, or click on the orange icon in the bottom right of your screen and send us a message. We’ll take care of the rest.